Great Rail Journeys Success Story


Great Rail Journeys identified a strategic need to improve documentation workflows and more importantly, the associated customer documentation to their holidaymakers between the time of booking and departure, in order to deliver the same rich quality content to post-reservation customer communications as are experienced at other stages of the relationship.

d-flo partnered with Great Rail Journeys to develop a seamless solution to automate and improve the entire customer communications journey from initial enquiry to pre-departure.

The project required d-flo to quickly gain understanding of Great Rail Journeys ‘Traveller’ booking system and then integrate and customise d-flo TravelComms to provide an end-to-end solution.

d-flo TravelComms now generates all customer communications for the multiple brands and themed holidays that Great Rail Journeys operate. Quotations, acknowledgements, confirmations, etc (including attachments such as ATOL flight certificates and Agent commission statements) are all more personalised than previously, contain more information to the specific trip booked along with the promotion of relevant ancillary products, and are delivered by email or posted, as preferred by the customer.

Copies of all customer communications are stored in d-flo TravelComms’ online repository, which is directly accessible from Traveller, making it easy for Great Rail Journeys customer service team to speedily retrieve them should they need to when handling customer queries.

As well as delivering operational efficiencies and improvements in the quality of the customer journey, TravelComms has supported us in delivering a significant improvement in our post booking ancillary sales. By using data and technology to target relevant ancillary services at individual customers, TravelComms has helped us increase turnover from ancillary sales by over 10% in a very short period.