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How Contextual Communication Can Improve Loyalty

June 15th, 2016 Posted by Blog

How do your customers feel about the communications they receive from your business? (more…)


Is it Possible to Pre-empt Customer Support?

May 2nd, 2016 Posted by Blog

Arie de Geus’s most popular quote could not be more relevant in the age of the customer and where on-line (more…)


Can Customer Experience Drive Increased Revenue?

April 6th, 2016 Posted by Blog

Improving customer experience (CX) has become an increasingly important strategic goal for corporate (more…)


Unlocking Ancillary Revenue from Customer Data

July 16th, 2015 Posted by Blog

Airlines have for the eighth consecutive year reported substantial increases in ancillary revenue. 8.5% up (more…)


The Value of Managing the Customer Journey

June 28th, 2015 Posted by Blog

A very poignant opening statement in a recently published knowledge brief on ‘The Value of Customer Communications Management in Orchestrating Buyer Journeys’ (more…)


Increasing Revenue from Post-Booking Upsales

May 29th, 2015 Posted by Blog

Some great comments from Bojan Kokic, CEO of Epteca, on increasing revenue from ancillaries sales via post-booking customer engagement in this recent Travolution article. (more…)