Your customers’ travel communications might be company branded and provide the essential transactional information. But do they provide all the information customers need when they need it and are they delivered the way they want? More importantly, do they reflect what your customers have spent with you and do they maintain the initial inspiration and excitement? Putting it another way, are you really, really proud of your communications?

Communications are key to customer experience. All too frequently the customer is failed.

Introducing TravelComms

Specifically built for – and with – the travel industry, the TravelComms travel communications platform is proven to improve the customer experiences and drive revenue from:


Increase up sell



Increase repeat sell



Increase chances

of recommendations

Customer Journey

Customised, consistent and managed on one platform


System triggered transactional communications

(Booking Confirmations, Amendments / Errata’s, Payment Reminders, etc.)

Automatically scheduled  experiential communications

(Holiday Countdowns, Pre-departure / Welcome Home Messages, etc.)

Manually initiated instant communications

(Direct Support, Personalised Promotions, Crisis Management, etc.)

Customer Success

See how TravelComms has helped our customers

Comprehensive Capabilities

Advanced capabilities to fulfil the most challenging customer experiences


Integrate – Extend – Combine

Integrate with your customer reservation, content management and customer relationship management systems. Extend to third-party content providers. Combine to create powerful and relevant communications.


Personalised – Relevant – Engaging

Create highly personalised multi-lingual communications, Incorporate ancillary promotions and content relevant to each customer, their travel plans and journey. Engage with each customer on an individual level.


Print – Digital – ePresent

Streamline print and post processes. Deliver digital channels – responsive Emails, SMS, Push Notifications to Social Media and Mobile Apps. Securely ePresent for self-service via your Manage My Booking.


Batch – On-Demand – Interactive

Batch process communications as an end-to-end automated process. Respond to on-demand customer requests in real time. Tailor and personalise communications with user-driven interactive content.

Join our crowd

Help us to innovate and deliver solutions at a lower cost

Customer communication is what we’re all about – it is our purpose and our philosophy.

Whilst we understand customer communication technology, we will never know your business as well as you…and won’t pretend to. So the sharing of these provides a perfect trade.

We work with our customers to embrace their communication challenges. And by helping us to extend the capabilities of TravelComms, we subsidise the development. We call this the Crowd Development Programme.

Delivering real business value at a lower cost has enabled TravelComms to become the market-leading and highly flexible travel communications solution it is. Staying true to our roots, it remains fundamental for our business model.

Join our crowd and let us help you.


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